Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Bike My Friend

Cycles have always intrigued me since i was an star athlete in high school it was obvious i loved being fit. But with time i had to let go of many things, still i always thought there is something missing a great salary, a nice home still i felt as if there was something not right. At weekends i always used to feel like doing something but stopped because i didn’t knew what exactly to do i became a fat. I had so much going on then but its like everything just stopped now, everyone realizes this at a certain point of timeout and out of no where one day a friend of mine was driving this extremely cool and trendy looking cycle suddenly it caught my attention, it was a Mountain Bike at that point itself i realized i had seen how great these bikes are, then i thought why not go in for one and i took my very own customized mountain bike the look of the bike was simply rugged and mean. After buying it i felt great and have shed lots of fat and am slowly becoming fit. It took me 6 months to again get back in shape but here i am having the time of my life with this mean and tough machine for all the people who thought life is over this is just the beginning!!

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- Damon Gilbert, UK