Friday, 10 April 2015

Giant Roam Disc And Escape Hybrid Bike The Biker’s First Choice

When choosing a bike every person is skeptical whether this bike is great for them or will any other variety of cycle be great for him. Similarly, Formby cycles can help you in choosing the best bikes be it a giant escape hybrid bike or a giant roam disc hybrid bike. we have all kinds of bikes available for you in our portfolio. When going in for a cycle it is a must to look at the brakes and that too the brakes or disc brakes it has. Formby cycles would like to present before you 2 high-quality bikes at affordable prices and they are as follows:

Giant Escape Hybrid Bike

Giant Escape 2015 Hybrid Bikes for Sale
Giant Escape Hybrid Bikes for Sale in UK

As the name suggest this bike is a lethal combination of the road bike and mountain bike and with Giant added to the name its sure makes you feel proud. Be it a race or any other competition we give you the very best hybrid bikes in the market. The kind of saddle, tires, and the metal our cycles have is splendid and amazing. They are sure to give you a boost specially if you are an athlete. The sitting and the inclination of our bikes are really impressive as the clients who have rode our bikes are always happy with their decision.

Giant Roam Disc Hybrid Bike

Giant Roam 2015 Disc Hybrid Bikes Collection
Giant Roam Disc Hybrid Bikes for Sale in UK

When going for a race there are certain important things which need to be kept in mind one of them is the brakes, they are very important and with powerful disc brakes attached in our hybrid bikes you can stop as and when you want. Quality discs will always help you even if your in the tightest spots they can stop much faster be it muddy or wet conditions, which is considered an important consideration in off-road biking. Our bikes comes with cable and hydraulic varieties and as per your needs you can choose and go for the best bike.

If reliability and quality is what your looking in a bike we can always help you!