Friday, 22 May 2015

Things To Remember When Going For A Moda Bike!

Planning of buying a new bike? Before doing this there are few things to keep in mind. Which includes the skills level of the biker, additional components or accessories in the bike, the design, and most importantly the purpose for which the bike is being purchased. While, buying a bike these things can really make a whole lot of difference.

Which bike to go for? Well the Moda bikes 2015 are one of the coolest and toughest bikes in the market as of now. We at Formby cycles have an exclusive Moda bikes sale at our nearest store. If you are in need of a good bike that is fast yet light then the Moda bike is your best choice. These bikes are very comfortable for long drives as they have a very comfortable seat which makes every ride amazing and worth it. 

Road Bike: Moda Bolero
Moda Bolero Road Bike
Even if you are learning how to ride a bike or if you are a veteran at riding bikes our bikes will make you feel great, we also have cool accessories for you, wear them and ride through the toughest slopes and mountains, normal roads, and so on. This bike will really be an upgrade from the normal bike you have ridden. Worried about the price of the bikes? Formby cycles is always at your service we give the best service in the industry come to our store and choose the bike you want. After you are through with selecting your bike just tell us we offer 0% finance which can guarantees you get the very best bike.

Are you Excited? Don’t be there is till more there are many accessories which come as a added advantage they are bottle holder, grips, special handbags, cool pedals, and many more. The pedals which our bikes have are different on all variants, thus according to your whims you can choose the one which you like. Formby cycles also provides excellent after sales service, there are many cycle providers in the industry but only few offer world class service like we do. The countless clients who have bought our bikes are a proof of our continuous success and improvement. 

Cyclocross Bike: Moda Calore
Moda Calore Cyclocross Bike
From the suspension to the tires to the brakes everything in our Moda bikes are flawless. With so many years in this industry we give you the very best product money can buy so if you are still waiting come to our store today!