Monday, 15 June 2015

Land Rover Bikes Redefining Class And Style!

Have you always dreamt of leaving everything, just packing your bags grabbing your cycle and just going somewhere? If this is what you have felt, having a top class bike is a must if you have one its great, but if you don’t where to get one? Formby cycles is your one-stop store for all varieties of Land Rover Mountain Bike, Hybrid Bike Ladies or a Children's Bike, these cycles we have are available for people from all age groups, including men and women bikes.

Cycling has been kind of sport which has always been enjoyed by the people regardless of whatever their age is. But if you want to enjoy your cycling, you would definitely not settle for anything less than the very best. Formby Cycles presents an exclusive range of the World Renowned Land Rover Bikes UK, these bikes are made for comfort and are simply aesthetic. 

Folding Bike: Land Rover City X Elite
Land Rover City X Elite Folding Bike

At Formby Cycles we promise to offer superb value coupled with high quality cycles to assure that you get the very best. These bikes in terms of elegance and performance are top of the class and the features, which are there in these bikes are simply amazing. Don’t believe us come take a test drive and you’ll come to know what we’re all about. With such a comprehensive range of bikes all your needs can be met. The name is enough if you come to our Land Rover bikes sale you’ll definitely find the perfect bike for yourself without any hassles. 
Ladies Mountain Bike: Land Rover Matarari
Land Rover Matarari Ladies Mountain Bike
The weight these bike have is around 14-15 kgs, which is quite lightweight in comparison to others bikes, these bikes aren’t the lightest but are pretty robust and rides well. With tires of 20 inch and six speed gear pattern these bikes are real speed machines, and reach amazing speeds and that too without using fuel.

For The Ultimate Style And Ride Buy A Land Rover Bike Today!