Monday, 8 June 2015

Giant Bikes For The Ultimate Ride And Control!

Is riding bikes your hobby? Does the word cycling give you an adrenalin pump? Is cycling what you savor? Want to buy a bike don’t have any time to go to a store; think twice coming to buy a cycle from us is surely an amazing experience to say the least. We at Formby cycles are here with high-quality Giant bikes; we deliver you the very best cycles in the market. 
2015 Mountain Bike: Giant Glory 0 27.5
Giant Glory 0 27.5 Mountain Bike 2015
The giant bikes we have are chrome and aluminum framed, meaning the bikes are very lightweight in nature, if you like a little adventure or if your ride involves a lot of bumps then you can go in for our chrome frame bike. According to your budget you can go in for whats best for you. These Giant bikes Liverpool are easy to ride and you can get the right size for your respective body type at Formby cycles. You can also visit our online store and choose the kind of Giant bike you like. Therefore, this will give you a personal experience of which bike frame suits you best. We also cater to having a wide variety of sizes and designed bikes.

Formby Cycles is the market leader in providing quality Giant bikes, whether its a road, mountain, or hybrid cycle these bikes are built for pumping you up, available at our online bike stores also. These bikes come with 0% finance facility upto 36 months which is interest free. With a wide variety of cycles in our portfolio we have the Children and BMX Bikes, Hybrid and Commuting Bikes, Road Bikes, to name a few.
2015 Mountain Bike: Giant ATX 27.5 1
Giant ATX 27.5 1 Mountain Bike 2015
We recognize a cycle when we see it that is why we have the ultimate bike brands in the market; a value addition to our services is that we provide authentic gears and accessories as well and, hence can make your journey complete and enjoyable.

Life is like riding a cycle so don’t go for the second best go for the very best Formby Cycles!