Friday, 5 June 2015

Formby Cycles: Specialized Ladies Bikes Making Every Ride Enjoyable!

Girls nowadays are doing things at par as men do, cycling gives girls a sense of freedom for commuting from one place to another. Cycling instills a sense of freedom in girls and makes them independent. Having the get-set-go attitude girls nowadays are ready to take on any challenge, which makes cycle manufacturers to come up with cycles that meet all these demands. Girls prefer going on their bikes which is good for their health and also is very cost effective. 

2015 Womens Hybrid Bike: Specialized Ariel Elite Disc
Specialized Ariel Elite Disc Womens Hybrid Bike 2015
Cycles are environment friendly and convenient, now if you are a girl or a women in need of a little change from the normal routine of driving a car, why not go in for a cycle. Formby Cycles offers you high-quality specialized ladies bikes, designed specially to provide maximum comfort our bikes are built according to a girls body structure. Our bikes give you what you really look for in a bike, cycling is also an amazing way of keeping yourself fit. It is a must for girls who are facing weight issues to consider doing cycling. Our specialized ladies road bikes mean business and support a women’s built. 

2015 Mountain Bike: Specialized Camber FSR Evo 29er
Specialized Camber FSR Evo 29er Mountain Bike 2015
The cycles we provide ensure the best rides and are engineered accordingly to a girls capacity and need. Our bikes have the best frame designs, which include the compact, diamond or lady’s, mixte, twin-triangle models. Being a great way of hanging out with friends our cycles are very economical, safe and the design, and color these cycles have will surely give you another reason to buy them. 

2015 Womens Mountain Bike: Specialized Era FSR Comp Carbon 29er
Specialized Era FSR Comp Carbon 29er Womens Mountain Bike 2015
Once prevalent in the rural areas but that’s not the scenario anymore, cycling nowadays has become a style statement among the urban and sub-urban population. For all the girls out there who have an adventurous streak are bound to fall for our ultra cool and stylish girls bikes

Because fun is not restricted for boys only!