Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Trek Bikes For The Ultimate Rider!

Isn’t it great navigating your bike through the mountains and terrains going beyond the obstacles yes it sure is, this is one experience which shows us the greater things in life. Formby Cycles presents Trek Bike UK which are crafted and designed for durability and longevity. Taking special care of style and utility our cycles are a must have for every cycle enthusiast out there. Why is that? For the simple reason that these world class bikes give you the best rides even if its a spin around the neighbor or a trip on some mountain our bikes are tough and sturdy.

2015 Road Bike: Trek 1.1 H2 Compact
Trek 1.1 H2 Compact Road Bike 2015
These bikes surpass any cycling junkies expectation which they looks for in a bike. There are high-quality components installed in these bikes such as lightweight alloy frames, cranks, heavy duty bearings, silicone greased cable tracks the list is long are you excited? Well the Trek Bikes UK Sale is surely a treasure for all the people who want something great in a bike. Is this all well not quite if you think Formby Cycles is not all about selling bikes, we also provide comprehensive after sales service which is specifically done for maintenance of your bikes so that they may run smoothly.

2015 Road Bike: Trek 1.2 H2 Compact
Trek 1.2 H2 Compact Road Bike 2015
Formby Cycles also gives customers the option of choosing the components they want in their bicycle, color schemes, tire types, saddle types, seat types (wider or narrow), handle bar type (lower, raised or straight), etc. This way, the customer would get complete satisfaction over the product they have purchased. 

2015 Road Bike: Trek 1.5 H2 Compact
Trek 1.5 H2 Compact Road Bike 2015
We have service centers where in case of any wear and tear of the bikes can be taken care of in no time. These Trek Bikes UK Prices are not very high any person can take them, all they need to do is look into the kind of finance facility; they want to go in for what is best for them. Whether you are young or old our bikes are great for every age group, biking can make you healthful because your joints, muscles, and overall fitness!