Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Some Impressive Ladies Bikes Available Now!

Girls enjoy their time by either shopping, chatting with friends, or spending time at malls but is that it? Now it not for all the girls who appreciate and love cycling as their hobby or favorite pass time there is always something great in store for them. Riding a ladies bikes with baskets will surely make any girl feel overwhelmed, the feeling of riding your bike through the country side or the place is considered as one of life's greatest pleasure. There are a huge variety of ladies bikes available in the market but what is important is that you get something which is made for you. 

2015 Womens Mountain Bike: Cube Sting WLS 120 PRO 27.5/29
Cube Sting WLS 120 PRO 27.5/29 Womens Mountain Bike 2015
Formby cycles bring you high-quality and beautiful ladies bikes at amazing prices and added benefits, we realize the fact that girls are delicate, have shorter arms, smaller feet and hands in comparison to men. Keeping these things in mind we give you the best bikes in the market. With so many years of experience on our side, we cater to giving you the best quality service always. Our bikes have the perfect handlebars, saddles, brakes which give girls the ultimate ride. These modifications and adjustments make our bikes safe for riding anytime, and if you are going on a long ride then the saddle will very well support your back and make your ride comfortable and worthwhile. 

2015 Womens Mountain Bike: Cube Sting WLS 120 Race 27.5/29
Cube Sting WLS 120 Race 27.5/29 Womens Mountain Bike 2015
We know how much girls like colors so keeping this in mind Formby cycles has a amazing range of beautiful colored cycles. Being equipped with the latest designs and frames the bikes we have for you are quite great. This particular type of design would allow any girl to mount on the saddle of the bike with ease without even thinking twice. We also have exclusive biking gear for you which helps you ride safely. Because riding a cycle is not enough but riding safely is what matters most, Formby cycles take care of each and everything.

Just name the kind of cycle you want and we’ll be glad to oblige!