Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Fashionable and Trendy Whyte Bikes For Sale Hurry Up!

Those were the times when boys were passionate about cycles, but with changing times everything has changed for the better. Nowadays girls out there have become smart and they also enjoy biking equally as much as all the boys do. Girls and women nowadays use bikes for commuting from their house to their work place or their friends place or any where they like. There are many cycles out there but when it comes to high quality Formby cycles brings to you world class Whyte Bikes UK. 

2015 Mountain Bike: Whyte 29-C 29er Carbon
Whyte 29-C 29er Carbon Mountain Bike 2015
We are the official partners of the Best Whyte 2015 Bikes in the market, our bikes are the best choice for a cycle every girl would want. Why so because our bikes are made keeping in mind all the things needed in a ladies bike. Women have shorter torsos, arms and longer legs, the hands and feet of a women are generally smaller side and the shoulders are narrow. Taking care of these important things Formby cycles came up with bikes which have shorter stems, shorter cranks, smaller handlebars, and a wider saddle. 

2015 Mountain Bike: Whyte 29-C Team 29er Carbon
Whyte 29-C Team 29er Carbon Mountain Bike 2015
These tweaks and adjustments in our bikes make our bikes the perfect cycles for a girl. If boys know how to have fun we make you realize the real meaning of what fun really is. The reason that we have such features in our bikes is because the wider the saddle the more comfortable the ride is, even if there are bumps on the road you can move around easily. Not forgetting that our bikes are meant for matching your riding styles and personal tastes and preferences. If you are worried about the prices our bikes come at ,it is very pocket friendly and you can get our bikes with great finance facilities as well at any time. 

2015 Mountain Bike: Whyte 529 29er
Whyte 529 29er Mountain Bike 2015
If you are planning of buying a great bike then with the kind of service and value proposition we offer you’ll never be disappointed. We have a large variety of ladies cycles with us not to forget mountain bikes, road bikes and many more.

Want a beautiful and lovely bike come to Formby cycles now!